Media release: Response to Ombudsman’s Children in Care report

The findings of the Children in Care: complaints to the Ombudsman 2019-2023 report released today echo themes heard through the community visits and regular reports produced by Aroturuki Tamariki
Children (plural) aged 0-13 yearsView the full glossary
, the Independent Children’s Monitor.

Aroturuki Tamariki Chief Executive Arran Jones says the Ombudsman's call for Oranga Tamariki to ensure staff understand and apply legislation and policy, conduct regular tracking and reporting, and keep better records overall would also help improve compliance with the National Care Standards Regulations.

“The need for improved implementation of regulations and policy is a regular finding of our reports, including our two in-depth reviews on Returning Home from Care and Access to Primary Health Services and Dental Care.

“The report from the Ombudsman details what happens when things go really wrong. Through our monitoring we hear similar experiences, and we also hear where things go well for tamariki and rangatahi
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and their whānau
Whānau refers to people who are biologically linked or share whakapapa. For the Monitor’s monitoring purposes, whānau includes parents, whānau members living with tamariki at the point they have come into care View the full glossary
. It is important that Oranga Tamariki learn from both.” Mr Jones said.


Our role within the oversight system is to monitor compliance with the Oranga Tamariki Act and the associated regulations, including the National Care Standards. We also look at how the wider system (such as early intervention) is supporting tamariki and rangatahi.

We work with the Ombudsman and Mana
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Mokopuna – Children and Young People’s Commission to provide collective oversight, monitoring, and advocacy for those within the oranga tamariki system.