Experiences of Care in Aotearoa 2022/2023 - Barnardos Outcomes

For the period of this report, Barnardos has two rangatahi
Young person aged 14 – 21 years of ageView the full glossary
in its custody and care. Barnardos told us that, through its self-monitoring, it has evidence of full compliance with the NCS Regulations
(National Care Standards and Related Matters) Regulations 2018 View the full glossary
for their two rangatahi.

Barnardos provided us with examples of how the outcomes are being achieved for both rangatahi
Young person aged 14 – 21 years of ageView the full glossary
and both have demonstrated examples of expressing their views and have been enabled to make day-to-day decisions about their lives. For example, about where they live and their choice of education or employment. As in our previous reports, neither of these rangatahi see themselves as “in care” and, while they have regular contact with their social workers from Barnardos, are stable and secure in their current homes. Both have access to all their belongings including memory recording, milestones and whānau
Whānau refers to people who are biologically linked or share whakapapa. For the Monitor’s monitoring purposes, whānau includes parents, whānau members living with tamariki at the point they have come into care View the full glossary

The Barnardos summary provides evidence of both rangatahi having their needs met and receiving timely access to services, including specialist services. It also provides information about positive relationships between the social workers and caregivers, and the rangatahi. Barnardos kaimahi are involved and updated by the other services involved with the rangatahi, including education and health providers.

There have been no allegations of harm or abuse for either of these rangatahi. Both rangatahi have been stable with their current caregivers for many years. Prior to living with their current caregivers (one with whānau) each had experienced multiple placements while in the care of Oranga Tamariki.

Barnardos also stated that it has implemented the improvement areas noted in our previous reports. See Appendix One.